Our company started doing customized business applications in the early 2000’s. As we grew, we realized the difficulties many companies faced when trying to manage their Accounts, Inventory, Purchases, Sales, and even the employees. From that point forward, we started streamlining our applications and developed a standard product to solve these problems in all types of organizations.

At our current stage, we are providing business solutions to more than 300 customers in and around the Kingdom of Bahrain and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Our well trained programmers and implementers always make sure customers get the proper support whenever they need it.

We don’t just provide a Business Application Suite, we train them to use it in the best way

-It’s How We Built Our Company


Your efficiency is our concern



We Guarantee the Efficiency and Productivity of your Company


Catalyst 800 is a cloud-based ERP system which has the capability of analyzing all of your business and financial activities based on real time data. The software provides key information on enterprise resources and even provides business intelligence using analytical dashboards which help management make critical decisions for future development and planning.


Highly efficient Point of Sale software can easily handle heavy rush cash counters. We know the Point of Sale is always critical in business as customers are directly involved. We always make sure that there won’t be any breakdowns while handling customers. Throughout our journey, we have created a POS system which is entirely user friendly with a unique graphical interface.


Get the latest technologies at your finger tips

Cloud Based ERP

It can be accessed from anywhere around the globe and we make sure that your data and information travel with you.

Selling Price Control

The system will allow to control your selling price. The user can create any number of selling price and can restrict the selling below the minimum SP.

E-commerce Integration

Catalyst 800 will take your business to the next level by integrating ERP Systems with e-commerce websites.

Access Rights

Assign specific policy to each user as per their  roles and responsibility. This will ensure the data privacy.

Approval Work Flow

Set approval levels for key transactions which will result in the paper free atmosphere.

Web Portal

The system does have web portal login facility which is integrated with the HR and Real Estate module. It will allow the employee or tenant to login to access their key data.  

Arabic Language

Bi-lingual Capability with Arabic & English Interfaces. The system will allow the user to easily swap between the languages.

VAT Compliant

Noted that VAT will be imposed on most of the goods & services, we have considered it vital to adopt the changes involved in all the activities.


Quick insight to the key performance business activities like – Sales – Accounts Receivable – Finance & Inventory.

Menu History

Menu History will be saved even after you close the application. It will help in easy navigation.

Highly Secured

With Catalyst 800, you can trust that your data is safe. You can even monitor the users and the activity across your entire enterprise from a single location.


The system has the reminder option to alert the users about the key transactions.

Batch Processing

The system will allow you to take the goods in batches with expiry date. This will allow you to control product wastage before getting expire.

Track Viewer

The administrator can easily track any of the user’s transaction and can easily find out the changes made.

Portable Device

The system is integrated with Portable Device to make key transactions with Real Time connectivity.

Walk through

Walk through the system to train yourself. This is a self learning tool provided for the users.


We can fulfill all your business needs

Finance & Accounts

Allows you to prepare financial reports, establish budgets for forecasting, reconcile your bank statements, utilize journals for passing entries, create masters for recurring entries, expand cost profit centers, and finalize financial closing. The integration with other modules will allow the user to allocate each transactions. The dashboard feature allows you to drill down your information and provide detailed analysis of the company’s financial status. The system can keep a track of your Post Dated Checks and it can give a notification at the time of maturity.

Human Resource

A technologically advanced tool which is powerful, cost-effective, and easy to use. It allows employees to do login using the employee web portal. It helps manage employee data, which includes a fully automated attendance and payroll process. It contains many configurable policies which can make the system automatically calculate employee attendance, indemnity, leave dues, ticket dues and lot more. It can handle personnel related things such as document management, attendance & scheduling, payroll & salary management, employee’s dues & settlement.

Sales and Receivable

Our sales and receivables cycle start with a pre-sale transaction. The dynamic linking of transactions helps the user in a lesser data encoding time. At any point, a user can prepare a sales inquiry, pass a quotation, convert transactions into sales orders once approved and process delivery notes or invoices with a click. The whole operation allows you to track the flow of the sales process. The dashboard feature allows to drill down your information and provide detailed analysis of the sales which helps the management to take critical decisions.

Job Costing

The Job Costing module allows the user to analyze individual construction, manufacturing, or other type of jobs. The system provides analytical reports which allow management to make decisions based on the profitability of individual projects or jobs. The integrated Human Resources module allows the user to assign laborers to particular jobs. The cost estimation tool collects and analyzes data in order to estimate the time, money, materials, and labor required to manufacture a product or construct a building. It can alert the user if costs exceed the estimated amount.

Purchase and Payable

Accounts Payable can be configured to meet the varying needs of today’s businesses. You can quickly set up the software for maximum functionality and efficiency. The system allows you to optimize your purchase power. Through the Purchase Order builder concept, the system gives you choices to which supplier you will place the order. The system is capable to remember previous purchase prices, suggest which items to order according to volume of sales and remaining stock in hand. It can batch tracking as well as expiry maintenance.

Real Estate

The module can manage property and facilities managers of retail, office, industrial, residential and body corporate portfolios. Integration with accounts & fixed asset module will help to provide the real-time financial reporting. It uses the advanced technology which provides the option of logging in to a web portal where tenants can view financial activities, raise complaints, or maintenance related issues to management with the image upload facility. Perform your Fixed Asset depreciation calculations with one click. You can also track and transfer asset between the locations.

Inventory Management

The value of your stocks requires monitoring. The system will give you leverage on handling your stock at any time. As Inventory is integrated with Sales and Purchases, it serves as management’s tool that gives you the latest status of your inventory. The integration ensures you of efficient, effective stock line and improves reordering procedures. The system will automatically track your sales and will auto generate the reports for slow, fast and non moving items. It can even generate the replenishment report automatically.


The module is designed for the specific needs of manufacturing industries and include core capabilities. It facilitates production planning, taking orders, and delivering products to customers. The system will provide an easy way to product mix and the user can even perform complex manual productions. The user can perform on demand production using the system. It will allow the user to produce the quantity exactly they need. The system also allows to perform bulk production  and it will drastically reduce the wastage of raw materials and finished goods. 

We don’t just provide a Business Application Suite, we just train them to use it in the best way.


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Office 45, Building No. 1, Exhibition Avenue, Manama, Kingdom Of Bahrain

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Office Address

Office 45, Building No. 1, Exhibition Avenue, Manama, Kingdom Of Bahrain

Phone Number

+973 17311599

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