The start was just quick and quiet easy as we started doing customized business applications for companies at the early stage of 2000’s.  As we grew, we realized the complexities of companies to manage their Accounts, Inventory, Purchases, Sales and even the employees. From that point on wards we started streamlining our application and developed a standard product which suits all kind of business. At present, we are providing business solution to more than 300 customers in and around the Kingdom of Bahrain and KSA. Our well trained programmers and implementer always make sure that the customer gets the proper service on time.

We don’t just provide a Business Application Suite, but we just train them to use it in the best way. – It’s How We Built Our Company!!!


Your efficiency is our concern



We guarantee the Efficiency and Productivity of your company with our Products


Leverage intelligent ERP system with built-in machine learning, predictive analytics, and optimized processes. Catalyst 800 is a Cloud based ERP system which has the capability to analyze all your business and financial activities based on the real time data.


Highly efficient Point of Sale software that can easily handle heavy rush cash counters. We know that the Point of Sale is always critical in the business as customers are directly involved. We always consider this scenario and make sure that there won’t be any breakdown


Get the latest technologies at your finger tips

Cloud Based ERP

Access the system from where ever you are. Get your daily business activity at your fingertip. Review and approve your key transactions from where ever you are.

Access Rights

Assign specific policy to each user as per their  roles and responsibility. This will ensure the data privacy.


Quick insight to the key performance business activities like – Sales – Accounts Receivable – Finance & Inventory.

VAT Compliant

Noted that VAT will be imposed on most of the goods & services, we have considered it vital to adopt the changes involved in all the activities.

Menu History

Menu History will be saved even after you close the application. It will help in easy navigation.

Selling Price Control

The system will allow to control your selling price. The user can create any number of selling price and can restrict the selling below the minimum SP.

Highly Secured

With Catalyst 800, you can trust that your data is safe. You can even monitor the users and the activity across your entire enterprise from a single location.

Approval Work Flow

Set approval levels for key transactions which will result in the paper free atmosphere.

Arabic Language

The system has the facility to navigate with the help of Arabic Language.

Batch Processing

The system will allow you to take the goods batch wise with expiry date. This will allow you to control the wastage of your items before getting expire.

Track Viewer

The administrator can easily track any of the user’s transaction and can easily find out the changes made.

Walk through

Walk through the system to train yourself easily. This is a self learning tool provided for the customers.


We can fulfill all your business needs

Finance & Accounts Module

Allows you to prepare financial reports, establish budgets for forecasting, reconcile your bank statements, utilize journals for passing entries, creating masters for recurring entries, expand cost profit centers and finalize financial closing.

Inventory Management

The system will give you leverage on handling your stocks at any time. As Inventory is integrated with Sales and Purchases, it serves as management’s tool that gives you the latest status of your inventory. The system will automatically track your sales and will auto generate the reorder list.

Sales and Receivable

The module starts with pre-sales transaction. The dynamic linking of transaction helps the user in lesser data encoding time. At any point, a user can prepare a sales inquiry, pass a quotation, convert into sales order once approved, process delivery note or invoice by a click.

Fixed Asset

Depreciation of assets is a tedious task to do on every financial reporting. With Catalyst 800, running your depreciation requires one click. The system will allow you to re-capitalize assets that have major maintenance resulting to pro-longed life period. Track and transfer your inventories between the locations.

Purchase and Payable

The system allows you to optimize your purchase power. Through the Purchase Order builder concept, the system gives you choices to which supplier you will place the order. The system is capable to remember previous purchase prices, suggest which items to order according to volume of sales and remaining stock in hand.

Human Resource

Catalyst HR system is a powerful, cost-effective and easy to use. The system helps you manage all your employees data, including a fully automated attendance and payroll processing. The system simplifies the HR processes allowing you to put control in your HR functions. System is equipped to manage, assess, collect, calculate and produce reports of your personnel.

We don’t just provide a Business Application Suite, but we just train them to use it in the best way.


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Office 45, Building No. 1, Exhibition Avenue, Manama, Kingdom Of Bahrain

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Office Address

Office 45, Building No. 1, Exhibition Avenue, Manama, Kingdom Of Bahrain

Phone Number

+973 17311599

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