Catalyst ERP 800

Catalyst 800 is a cloud-based ERP system which has the capability of analyzing all of your business and financial activities based on real time data. The software provides key information on enterprise resources and even provides business intelligence using analytical dashboards which help management make critical decisions for future development and planning.

Catalyst 800 is best suited for companies with multiple locations and a huge number of transactions. It can be accessed from anywhere around the globe and we make sure that your data and information travel with you.

Catalyst 800 is cost effective and easy to learn and implement and can reduce operational costs by up to 30% by properly managing your inventories, acquisition of materials, customer service, and Human Resources.

We guarantee the Efficiency and Productivity of your company, how???

Catalyst 800 automates and integrates your business activities from multiple locations which gives you a complete analysis of your enterprise. The real time data to management helps them make decisions on critical matters. Our approval workflow will reduce work times and paperwork.

Catalyst 800 can provide enhanced reports based on your business activities which can help you grab new market opportunities. The dashboards give an even faster analysis of your business activities.

Catalyst 800 will take your business to the next level by integrating ERP Systems with ecommerce websites.


  • Cloud-based ERP System
  • Integration with E commerce Website with Real Time Data Sync
  • Online System- Real Time Connectivity Between Point of Sale and Back Office
  • VAT Integrated System
  • User Wise Access Rights
  • Insurance Integrated Pharmacy Module
  • User Log to Track Changes made by Each User
  • Easy to Learn and Navigate
  • Bi-lingual Capability with Arabic & English Interfaces
  • Batch Tracking System with Maintenance of Expiry Items
  • Digital Approvals for all Key Transactions
  • Customize Your own Reports
  • Selling Price Control
  • Easy Maintenance/Depreciation of your Fixed Assets
  • Allow Transfer of Stock Between Locations
  • Support Multi-division, Multi-location and Multi-currency transactions
  • Reminder Alerts for Key Activities
  • Employee Login Portal
  • Easy Integration of Weighing Scale, Weigh Bridge, and Bio metric Devices
  • Supports Bulk and on Demand Production
  • HR Integrated Job Costing Module
  • Web portal for tenants where they can see their monthly transactions and register complaints or maintenance related issues with image upload option
  • Transaction Through Handheld Devices with Real Time Sync
  • Interactive Report Viewer which will allow the user to drill down to the transaction level
  • User defined shortcut key