Nexus 800 for Point of Sale

Highly efficient Point of Sale software can easily handle heavy rush cash counters. We know the Point of Sale is always critical in business as customers are directly involved. We always consider this scenario and make sure that there won’t be any breakdowns while handling customers. Throughout our journey, we have created a POS system which is entirely user friendly with a unique graphical interface. The POS system works in both offline and online conditions. If there is network connection failure, the POS will work offline, and the data will automatically be synchronized when the connection is reestablished. You can even control or restrict the POS options to each user as per their hierarchy.

Nexus 800 is designed with the features listed below:

  • Real Time Data Sync to Back Office
  • Centralized Online Update to every Point of Sale Machine
  • User Level Security
  • Display of Product Image while Scanning the Barcode
  • Sales with Multiple Payment Options: Cash/Credit Card/Wallet Payments/Gift Vouchers/Check and many more
  • Loyalty Customer Registration and Redemption Point Calculation
  • Supervisor Management (Both Swiping Card Access and Password)
  • Insurance Integrated Point of Sale, Especially for Pharmacies
  • Hold & Recall Bills
  • Credit Note Issue
  • Cash & Credit Card Returns
  • Item Enquiry
  • Batch Tracking & Expiry Control
  • Multiple Shift Management & Cash Floats
  • Supports Multi-Cashier login – Easy Login Option to Swap Between Cashiers