Trading Business (Wholesale/ Retail) – Supermarkets, Pharmacies, Hardware & Automobile Trading, Garments Trading and lot more…

Catalyst 800 for Trading Management Software is a technologically proven solution that covers the full operations cycle of a trading business.The system includes fully integrated modules for accounts, sales, purchases, inventory management, production, job costing, and Human Resources. You can even manage and track your fixed assets with the use of our system. The software can handle multi-divisions and multi-locations and its powerful Business Intelligence tool will provide multiple dashboards to evaluate your data and increase your productivity by linking customers and suppliers to your enterprise. The software even provides the option to make counter sales with the help of Cash Memo with multiple payment options and can handle batch tracking and expiry management.

Catalyst 800 will take your business to the next level by integrating the ERP System with ecommerce websites. The real time sync between Catalyst ERP and ecommerce websites will boost your business activities and help ease business operations.

Catalyst 800 is integrated with Point of Sale solutions which give real time data to the back office. The Point of Sale can work in online and offline condition and, if it goes offline due to internet failure, pending data will automatically be re synced when it reestablishes a connection.


  • Point Of Sale
  • Accounts
  • Sales
  • Purchase
  • Inventory
  • Fixed Asset
  • Human Resource
  • Time & Attendance